What They Said: Nebraska’s Mickey Joseph previews Michigan

What They Said: Nebraska’s Mickey Joseph previews Michigan

Opening speech

“Our players came back with good energy on Sunday, just as I expected. It’s a relentless group. I expect them to come back like they did. They came back with a good attitude. We all know what lies ahead. Michigan is a really good football team. They are the top 5 in rush offense and the top 5 in each category in defense. We know what we’re getting into. We know the task at hand, but it’s a chance and the ball will be kicked off on Saturday.”

Blake Corum runs back to Michigan”

He’s a really good player. He’s probably one of the best defenders in the country. I think he’s getting Heisman votes right now. If you watch the movie, it runs low to the ground. He runs with force and he has a really good burst. When he sees it, he sees it and he breaks through the hole. He’s a really good footballer.”

Overlooking #3 Michigan

“We talk to them about how we’re very proud not to be broken and keep fighting and that we started something and we’re going to finish it against the odds, but we have to bend our necks and we have to play football. That’s the only way to go about it, but like I said, it’s a good group. It’s a good group of kids and they won’t quit.

On Myles Farmer

“Over there we have Phalen (Sanford). We can get (DeShon) Singleton there. Myles made a mistake. He made a bad mistake. We don’t tolerate that. We always talk about protecting the football team and he didn’t. He will be suspended this week and we will reevaluate him after this week. It’s something you can’t do. That’s not smart. You have to protect the team. I’m very disappointed in Myles and Myles will make it up to me. He will do some things to get back in good shape with this football team but we won’t tolerate that. This is bad. This is a bad situation. He understands. He’s a good kid. He made a mistake, but we mustn’t make mistakes like that.”

On the availability of Casey Thompson

“We held Casey today. We are still with him day after day, but we held him today. No replays today.”

About the starting quarterback decision

“I’ll probably make a decision on Thursday after seeing them both train because I’ll have to watch them both train and see which one is performing the best, but I’m looking at both right now.” “You have to put your arms around her. It’s tough on them because you ask kids who were backups. Logan (Smothers) probably had more success as a backup. He did it last year. Chubba (Purdy) did it a little in the state of Florida. You have to put your arms around them and give them some support and show them that you believe in them because they are in a difficult situation.”

About quarterback ratings in practices and games

“Who makes the throws and who gets us in the right run is playing. They’re just competing and we’re going to look at every practice session and say, ‘He did a good job that day and he did a really good job that day.’ And on Thursday we have a decision to make, so we’re just going to watch their replays.”

On Logan Smothers

“I think Logan (Smothers) is more of a player. He needs to practice better and he understands that. Logan will really attack this week and try to be a better practice player. That is his goal this week.”

On the exclusion of Casey Thompson

“If I watched him today, I would probably rule out Casey (Thompson). If he doesn’t come tomorrow, I’ll have to rule him out. I treat these kids like my sons, so I won’t send them out if they can’t go. Casey will say he’s feeling better but I have to be smart with Casey and not send him out if he can’t perform at a high level.”

Getting the team into a mindset to create a surprise

“You keep motivating them and talking to them about their good plays. Talk to them about playing 60 minutes. We didn’t play 60 minutes in the last game. Talk to them about the need for the offense, defense and specialty teams to work together and how we as the coaching staff will work better together this week to help them succeed.

Quarterback strengths

“We’re just trying to put that together. We think (Chubba) Purdy is the better shooter, but Logan (Smothers) can shoot too. We think Logan (Smothers) is the better runner. It happens like this. Every quarterback will have different strengths and weaknesses.”

About controlling the pace of the game

“I think if you’ve been in that league and you understand what you see as a coach, you have to be able to slow it down because everyone else is slowing it down. That’s how this league is set up and we have to play Big Ten football. We’re eventually trying to make that happen, but we have to play Big Ten football, and you have to try and slow it down.

Running game slowdown during Minnesota game

“We have to trust and be happy with three-yard and four-yard runs. You have to be happy with them. We have to say, “Hey, we’ve got a three-yard run. Let’s pad it back up and do it again and maybe get another three yard run.’ Nice third and foursome, manageable.”

Playing No. 3 Michigan

“They’re a very talented football team. They see talent across the board. They see talent when they put their twos out there. It’s a very talented 85 scholarship group. They’re probably the best we’re going to face this year in terms of their talent concerns. They’re well-trained. They’re doing a really good job. They’re a strong team. They’re doing a lot in the running game. They’re doing a lot on defense. They have a high-IQ football team. And they’re an older football team. They have so doing it with a solid football team this week.”

About Gabe Ervin Jr

“Gabe (Ervin Jr.) trained today. We trained him today. The coaches went through some things and he looked really good today. He has a turf toe injury and I had a turf toe before. That’s a tricky injury. It can come and it can go, but he practiced today.”

On the importance of communication in defense

“(Marques) Buford Jr. is able to get it down and line everyone up. Luke (Reimer) is out there. We have a lot of hand signals that we use to communicate. We lose a lot with Myles (Farmer). But Buford can handle this situation.”

On the security position

“It goes back to the time when you recruit, go to the portal and have a junior college kid, you have to think of them as starters. Similar to the free agency. If you go to the Saints and pull a kid out of the Falcons when he comes in, he’s going to be a starter. I guess a high school kid, you can tell I’ll develop it in two years. And that’s the great thing about it, once you’ve recruited him, you have to keep him in the program. We have to keep her here. Everyone in the Big Ten does. They keep the kids there, and now the kids, with the fifth grade Covid juniors and the sixth grade seniors. We have to get to it. We are A young football team at the moment. But we have to do that, and it goes back to recruitment. It also passes when they come here we need to start developing them. You can’t develop them if you’re not here. But we have them to keep them here.”

To be the underdog this weekend

“I’ve never been such an underdog. But it happens. You have to like that Michigan is four touchdowns better than you. That’s what they say. But you still have to push the football. We have to play at the highest level. We have to have 60 minutes play. But we’re not going to back down. We’re not going to throw in the towel. These kids aren’t going to do that. These coaches aren’t going to do that. We’re not going to do that.”

About the food stalls from the Minnesota game

“The defense played zero, but we can help the defense. We have to keep trying to play 60 minutes of football. In all three phases.”

On Jim Harbaugh

“I think he did a great job. He was a really good quarterback in the league and he’s a really good football coach. His brother is a very good soccer coach for the Ravens. My brother Vance knows his brother. It’s something like my family, it’s a football family. He’s doing a really good job. I had the opportunity to meet him in Birmingham, Alabama while I was at LSU. It was a great conversationalist, but he has a really strong football team power, and that’s because he’s a really good football coach. He is well organized. He preaches toughness and they are tough. You can see that in the film.”

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