K-State spoils final night of WVU 48-31

K-State spoils final night of WVU 48-31

West Virginia picked up a big win over Oklahoma last week but failed to secure the win over Kansas State despite a solid performance on their senior night.

It was an action-packed first half in which both teams combined scored an absurd 66 points.

K-State QB Will Howard started with a 13-yard rush on the first play before finding Sammy Wheeler for a 33-yard reception two games later. Running back Duece Vaughn hit a 15-yard rush to end the drive.

Garrett Greene threw an interception just three games into West Virginia’s first possession, which returned Cincere Mason to the end zone to line up the Wildcats at 2 p.m., a scary start for WVU.

However, Greene redeemed himself with possession that followed, throwing a 26-yard touchdown to Sam James for the Mountaineers’ first touchdown of the night.

A 43-yard pick six by WVU’s Malachi Ruffin tied the game for West Virginia to break out of what could have quickly become a deep hole.

Kansas State needed just 3 games to regain the lead, scoring on a 49-yard touchdown rush by DJ Giddens.

West Virginia failed to make fourth place at their own 35-yard line, and Kansas State took advantage by meeting Malik Knowles after a 1-yard rush from Howard after a 26-yard pass.

After getting the ball back, Garrett Greene threw a 71-yard touchdown to Sam James for his second touchdown of the night to put the Mountaineers on point.

The first quarter ended for the Wildcats 28-19 after a 39-yard completion for Ben Sinnot.

Sinnot caught a 15-yard touchdown to complete the drive, the first result of the second quarter to continue the back-and-forth scoring between the two teams.

On WVU’s next possession, Sam James got his third touchdown of the half and brought his team back to 10. Had West Virginia not failed to convert the extra point on three of their previous results, two of which were unusual misses from Casey Legg (his first of the season), it would have been a one-score game.

Kansas State had to settle for a field goal on the next drive for the first time in the competition and gave the Mountaineers the ball with just under two minutes remaining in the first half. However, Greene was fired to put it in 3rd and 16th place , and the WVU poked for the first time in the entire game.

With just over a minute left, the Wildcats added a few more points to their lead with a 53-yard field goal just before halftime.

The third quarter came and went without goals, but Kanas State batted first after an interception on their first possession of the second half, with Malik Knowles finding the end zone on a 43-yard reception.

Garrett Greene responded with a 13-yard rushing touchdown, but the Mountaineers were still 17 points behind. They could never close the gap and Kansas State came one win closer to a spot in the title game.

WVU plays its final regular season game on Saturday, November 26 against Oklahoma State.

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