Cubii Jr. 2 Compact Elliptical Trainer with Seat is available from QVC

Do you wish you could keep your blood pumping while you’re busy completing paperwork? Struggling with aching joints that make you lose motivation to even get off the couch? Guess what? You still have no excuse for being out of shape because it’s entirely possible — in fact, it’s easy — to squeeze into a workout without even leaving your seat. The Cubii JR2 Compact Seated Elliptical—sold with a mat and foot straps for just $180 on QVC (was $304)—is an ingenious little machine. It lets you stick to your fitness goals while you watch TV, answer emails, or even recover from an injury. Place this cool gadget anywhere you’re stationary – under a desk, under a dining room table, and yes, even at the foot of your couch. The Cubii JR2 is lighter than its predecessor and even easier to move!

Don’t want to pay for everything at once? Opt for five Easy Pay installments from just $35.99. Plus, if it’s your first time shopping at QVC, get free shipping on your first purchase with a code FREE SHIPPING.

Catch up on your correspondence or your favorite shows while you train. (Photo: QVC)

In true QVC fashion, some great extras are included: A non-slip mat keeps the base steady even during vigorous movement. And there’s a display monitor to track stats like calories burned and distance. It’s also available in five fun colors. Check out this video to see it in action.

Thanks to the ultra-lightweight and strong non-slip gears, the machines are easy on the joints and perfect for anyone trying to get back into an exercise routine or hoping to supplement a workout at the gym in their spare time.

The Cubii Jr. 2 with the accompanying floor mat

Your healthy couch companion is on sale right now! (Photo: QVC)

Take it from these happy (and healthy) customers:

One shares: “I returned home from hospital/rehab after four months and still needed a walker. I have a stationary bike, but I knew I couldn’t get up and get on the bike. This was the perfect solution for me. I needed to strengthen my quadriceps muscles. From May 16th I did this every day, and on June 3rd, my 70th birthday, I threw away my walker…. I truly believe that Cubii has done for me what no physical therapist could ever do. “

Another adds: “Bought this to aid in rehab after knee replacement. What a lovely addition to my home exercises. My physical therapist was thrilled that I added it at home too. Anything to keep the knee moving and will be very useful another week where knee number two faces the same surgery. I’m glad I bought this super quiet little machine.”

It acts as a virtual trainer to help you improve your posture and activate your core during workouts. It has eight resistance levels, an ergonomic design, and is so quiet you won’t lose focus or distract others in the room. In other words, a family movie night is no problem with this undercover training partner.

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