Costco just dropped the price of this hugely popular item

If there’s one Costco product that’s taken social media by storm, it’s the Just Bare Lightly Breaded Chicken Breast Chunks.

Ever since the popular frozen treat was dubbed Chick-fil-A-Chicken-Nugget-Dupe in January 2021, it’s drawn crowds, flew off shelves and, sadly, has become more expensive.

But now Costco is making shoppers’ wallets a little easier by dropping the cost of the 4-pound bag of chicken nuggets to $17.99. The wholesale club first shared the news on Facebook, garnering nearly 1,000 comments, with countless people expressing their love for the chicken nuggets.

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One Facebook user commented, “These are amazing ~ perfect for a night you don’t really want to cook either.” Another person wrote, “I buy 6 bags at a time! You are unbelievable!! 😍😍😍.”

Shortly after Costco’s Facebook announcement went live, the news made its way to Reddit, where several users shared that the frozen item was selling for $22 to $24 at their local warehouses. Just six months ago Eat this, not that! reported that the product retailed for $19.99 — up $6 from 2021.

While some Redditors enthusiastically welcomed the recent price cut, others were less enthusiastic, with one person writing, “Honestly I thought it was overpriced. I still think they are.” Another user added, “I stopped buying them when they were over $15.”

Meanwhile, one of the main criticisms of the nuggets is their drop in quality. One Redditor commented, “Price drop? How about throwing these in the trash. The quality has gone downhill in the last year. So I will pass.”

Others shared similar sentiments: “To be honest the first few bags of these we got a little over a year ago were like crack. The next two bags we got were kinda gross like the supplier had changed. Much more [off-putting] tough chunks. Still haven’t finished the last bag.”

Although several Reddit users pointed out that the cooking method influences the quality of the nuggets, with air frying appearing to lead the way, other people didn’t find the same success with the kitchen utensil, reporting a less than crispy end result.

According to Costco’s Facebook post, Just Bare’s lightly breaded chicken breasts can be purchased both in-store and online, with delivery available at a higher price.

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